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Norm's Minit Mart #4 located at 806 Kanuga Road
Norm's Minit Mart #6 Located at 800 Spartanburg Highway
Norm's Minit Mart #8 located at 112 Dana Road

Norm's Minit Mart Coin Operated Laundry

Each of our 3 store locations have modern, well equipped coin operated laundromats. All three facilities are clean, comfortable and well appointed with 30 and 40 pound Wascomat and Electrolux front load washers and high capacity front loading dryers.

These are very energy efficient and the new Electrolux machines feature high spin speeds for reduced drying time.     All equipment is checked daily for maintenance issues.

We provide well-maintained machines in a bright, well-lit setting.  The #4 Kanuga Road and #8 Dana Road locations also have 14 pound top loading washers for those who prefer them.

All of our laundries connect to the stores and are highly visible from most anywhere on the floor.  Our cashiers are always available to assist customers and maintain the cleanliness of our facilities.  We have an excellent selection of laundry products on site, as well as clean restrooms for your convenience.  We have been told by those using the laundromat that they appreciate the visibility in our laundries and the activity that the store’s customers create, which provides them  an added sense of security.

And while you're waiting on your clothes to be cleaned, enjoy the free WiFi that we make available to everyone doing business at Norm’s.


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Check Out These Special Services Offered at Norm's

3 Convenient Locations

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  • Shell Fuel Reward Program
  • NC Education Lottery
  • Global Express Money Orders
  • Bill Pay* (Including Duke Energy)

     *Available only at 24 Hour Stores

  • ATM's
  • Prepaid Phone Service
  • EBT Cards Accepted
  • Free WiFi While Shopping
  • Free Air For Your Tires
  • Clean Restrooms
806 Kanuga Road Hendersonville, NC 28792 Tel: 800 Spartanburg Hwy. Hendersonville, NC 28792 Tel: 112 Dana Road Hendersonville, NC 28792 Tel: Visit Norm's Minit Wash Full & Self Service Car Wash 713 Kanuga Road Hendersonville, NC 28792

All  Our Locations Feature Full Size Coin Operated Laundries For Your Convenience.

Hours of Operation are identical to the store hours.