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We Have Three Conveniently Located Stores In Hendersonville

Candy racks at Norm's Minit Mart
Front Load Washers at Norm's Minit Mart Coin Operated Laundry


Norm's Minit Mart Store #4 at 806 Kanuga Road, Hendersonville, NC
Mills River Creamery Dairy Products at Norm's #4

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806 Kanuga Road - #4

Open 6:00am to Midnight Daily

Norm’s #4 is a neighborhood institution in the Kanuga Cottage District of Hendersonville, on the direct route to Dupont State Forest , Crooked Creek Golf Course, numerous summer camps, and the Crab Creek area of Henderson County. An outstanding selection of cold beverages and both craft and brand name beers is featured. Items such as Mills River Creamery dairy products and an expanded wine selection make it the place to stop for traditional c-store products as well as the unexpected surprises.
Candy racks at Norm's Minit Mart
Photo of Bill Pay signs on outside wall of Norm's Minit Mart


Norm's Minit Mart Store #6 located at 800 Spartanburg Highway, Hendersonville, NC
Washing machines at Norm's Minit Mart Coin Operated Laundry

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Always Open

800 Spartanburg Highway - #6

Always Open

Norm’s #6 is located on the busy Hwy. 176 corridor into the south side of Hendersonville and is easy to reach from Jackson Park and the Henderson County Recreation Center on Grove St. Ice-cold beverages are featured. Both Global Express money orders and bill pay are available, including DUKE ENERGY bill pay, for our customer’s convenience. As at all Norm’s locations, an expanded selection of scratch off NC Education Lottery games is on display along with online lottery and a scanner for the customer’s use in checking their results.
Photo of beverage cooler inside Norm's Minit Mart
Photo of Bill Pay signs on outside wall of Norm's Minit Mart


photo of Norm's Minit Mart located at 112 Dana Road, Hendersonville, NC
Photo of Norm's Minit Mart Coin Operated Laundry

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112 Dana Road - #8

Always Open

Norm’s #8 serves the 64 East area and is just off Four Season’s Blvd., on Dana Rd. across from the BiLo Plaza. As at all Shell locations, BiLo Bonus Points can be redeemed for Shell gas. The cold beverage selection is also extensive and has an expanded selection of international choices. Along with the coin laundry that complements all Norm’s stores, we make available, for your convenience, Global Express Money Orders and Bill Pay, including Duke Energy.


All  Our Locations Feature Full Size Coin Operated Laundries For Your Convenience.

Hours of Operation are identical to the store hours.

Visit Norm's Minit Wash Full & Self Service Car Wash 713 Kanuga Road Hendersonville, NC 28792

Check Out These Special Services Offered at Norm's

  • Shell Fuel Reward Program
  • NC Education Lottery
  • Global Express Money Orders
  • Bill Pay* (Including Duke Energy)

     *Available only at 24 Hour Stores

  • ATM's
  • Prepaid Phone Service
  • EBT Cards Accepted
  • Free WiFi While Shopping
  • Free Air For Your Tires
  • Clean Restrooms


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