In Store Services We Offer

Shell Fuel Reward Program

Shell Fuel Rewards Program provides the ability to earn discounts on Shell fuel products. Simply shop and dine with participating retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, Shell convenience stores, and more to earn Fuel Rewards® savings.

North Carolina Educational Lottery

All three Norm’s Minit Marts feature the best selections of scratch-off games in the area.  POWERBALL tickets are always readily available. Lottery scanners are located in each store if you want to check your own results, or the cashier will scan the tickets for you. Good Luck!

Duke Energy Bill Pay

Duke Energy Electronic Bill Pay is available at all locations.  We also accept payments for PSNC Energy, Verizon, AT&T plus hundreds of others.  All Norm’s locations accept payments anytime during normal store hours.

Money Orders

All stores sell money orders in any amount up to $500.


All stores have ATM’s located inside for your convenience and protection.  Any amount up to $200 can be withdrawn as one transaction from the customer’s account.


Prepaid Phone Service

Prepaid cellular phone time is available for most major service providers through Payspot.

EBT Cards Accepted

EBT (Electronic Benefit Transaction) cards are gladly accepted for all qualifying purchases.

Great Selection of Snacks and Drinks

Norm’s is proud to offer a great selection of treats and drinks, ranging from old-time goodies all the way to new products just released. If you don’t see your favorite snack of beverage, be sure to ask an employee for assistance.


Free Air For Your Tires

The use of an air pump for inflating tires is FREE at all Norm’s Minit Mart locations. We recognize the importance of properly inflated tires to the performance and safety of our customers vehicles.

Clean Restrooms

Norm’s prides itself on providing clean restrooms at the store locations for the use of our customers.  Attendants check them regularly and are always available to monitor the condition of our restrooms.