Norm's Minit Mart Convenience Stores

We always try to listen to our customers to find out what goods and services are important to them.  Then we do our absolute best to give you what you ask for.  That’s what a convenience store is all about, providing a large selection of products our customers need and use most.  Our stores are a part of their respective neighborhoods and we try our best to provide our neighbors with the products and services they require.

That’s why at all of our stores you’ll find a great selection of of all types of beverages, including soft drinks, hot coffee, cappuccino, hot cocoa, fountain drinks, slushies, juices, energy drinks, waters and dairy products. We also have an extensive selection of beer and wine, along with all the major brands and types of tobacco and vaping products.  You’ll find personal hygiene, first aid and grooming products along with a large variety of novelty items.  We stock automotive and cleaning products along with a large selection of laundry detergents and fabric softeners.

For our customer’s convenience we have pre-paid phone cards, money orders, Shell gift cards, propane exchange, electronic bill pay, free air for your tires, firewood bundles, live bait, lottery card scanner and an ATM.  We accept EBT and all major debit and credit cards